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InnaMuse is an Australian premium, handcrafted toasted and bircher muesli. We are 100% Aussie made for every body. ‚ÄčAll our mueslis are: - made with over 50% nuts and seeds - wheat-free - cane sugar-free - free of added oils or fats - rich in protein - high in fibre - packed with flavour!

‚ÄčOur muesli is your perfect breakfast staple - enjoy it with yogurt, milk or straight out of the bag.

How to order?

Email or sms.

Minimum order?

No minimum order

Deliver to?

Yes, InnaMuse Muesli delivers to !

Sorry, InnaMuse Muesli doesn't deliver to .


24/10 Anderson St
Banksmeadow NSW 2019

Dietary Categories

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian