3 ways to improve your social media presence

You eat with your eyes. If you have a food business and are not using social media, particularly Instagram, you’re missing out. Its power is unbelievable. Imagine posting about a new product or special and the next day you sell out all because: “I want what you posted on Insta”. It happens. Here’s 3 ways to improve your social media presence and get more sales.

1. Develop a brand. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting a graphic designer. The basics of branding are simple; 3 colours, 2 fonts and a logo, then apply it consistently. There are sites to help with generating a logo, e.g. canva.com

2. Great content. To connect with your customer, you need to understand who they are and what they want from your business. Content can then be built around that. A great photo is critical. It doesn’t have to be professional, in fact being raw and unedited may help you connect with your customer (just ensure it is not blurry or dark). Add a short and simple description and use clear and emotive language (with no spelling mistakes). But, it’s not always ‘sell,sell,sell’. Add value to your customers; teach them something, show another side to your business, highlight a key feature of your product, talk about your collaborations, etc. This all helps to form a relationship with your customers. Finally, mix it up with static images, videos and even interviews.

3. Post often. Your business is at risk of being ‘lost’ in the barrage of social media content if you don’t post often, at least once a day. Remember, a post a day keeps irrelevancy away!

The takeaway: Don’t waste your money on print advertising – invest your time and effort into social media marketing.

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